Monthly Archives: December 2012

A Rare Opportunity

Remember how I was talking about random things happening before, well another one has happened: it turns out I’m going to Indonesia!  I have a friend who lives there, and he’s turning 30 and throwing a huge party, so he invited a ton of people.  Normally I’m not the kind of person to up and go halfway around the world for someone’s birthday party, but I’m trying to be more outgoing and social, and this is the kind of thing that doesn’t happen all the time.  In fact, this is the first time I’ve been invited to something like this.

I’ll admit, I’m feeling a bit of anxiety at the thought.  I haven’t ever been out of the country before (except to Canada this one time), and other than my friend and the people who are going, I won’t really know anyone there, and it’s an unfamiliar location, and not everyone will speak English, and all those things make me kind of nervous.  My friend assures me that everyone there is super nice, though.  In fact, that’s part of the reason he moved there.  He got sent there for a while for work, and when the assignment was up, he asked his job if he could stay there permanently.  They said yes, and so he’s been there for the last year and a half.

He’s going to show us around the countries and some of the islands.  I didn’t know this before but Indonesia is actually made up of a bunch of islands, and he said you just fly from one to the other.  He just searches for tiket Lion Air and orders online.  Oh, speaking of that, he also said Indonesian is like Spanish in that the adjectives come after the nouns, so that actually means “Lion Air tickets.”  He said Indonesian isn’t too hard and he’s more or less fluent after a year, although I suppose living there and being immersed in the language is helpful.

So the trip isn’t until next month but I’ve already started reading up on some of the places he said he’s going to take us.  Like I said, I’m kind of anxious, but I’m also excited.  Plus, I’m going to be using vacation time at work so it will be like a vacation where I get to hang out with my friends.  And not to mention, it’s winter here, and it’s going to be warm there, so it will be a nice change of weather, too.  Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the food yet!  I hear the food is very spicy, which I love, and there are a lot of grilled meat dishes.  So I’m excited to try the food!

Time For Some New Shoes

It’s funny how small things can have a big impact on your life.  For example, about a year ago, my cousin came to visit.  He actually wasn’t originally planning on visiting, but he happened to be in the neighborhood on a business trip and so he decided to stop by and spend the weekend at my place so we could catch up and talk about whatever cousins talk about.  We actually kind of joked about that a bit because in our family we don’t really have that close of a relationship with our relatives.  I know some of my friends see their cousins and aunts and uncles and stuff pretty frequently, but it was never really like that with our family.  We’d see our cousins every few years.  Same thing with our aunts and uncles.  It’s not that we don’t like each other, it’s just that we all live so far away from each other.

Anyhoo, my cousin comes over and I took him out to dinner, gave him a tour of my town, etc.  The next morning he knocked on my door at like 8 in the morning and insisted that I go running with him.

Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I am definitely not a morning person, and that is especially true on weekends.  So eight in the morning?  Definitely not.

But wanting to be a good host, I decided I would get up and go for a run.

I’ve never been big on exercise, but I actually really enjoyed it.  Don’t get me wrong; I could barely make it mile before I had to stop running, but the point was, I got hooked.  A few days later when my legs weren’t sore anymore, I went for another run.  And then another few days later, and before I knew it, I was going a few times a week and was actually starting to think of myself as someone who goes jogging.

I joined internet forums for people who run.  I started talking to people at work about it, and of course it gave my cousin and I something to keep in touch about.  I actually noticed a few days ago that I’ve been running so much that it’s about time to get some new trainers.  Get the Label has some and you can click here to check them and I will probably end up ordering something from there in the next few days.

I still think it’s kind funny how I enjoyed going running that one time so much that it became a hobby of mine.  And I remember how much I disliked it in PE class in school.

If I keep this up I might start going to the gym and lifting weights, too.