A New Idea


Just thinking about some of the conversations I have had with my friend is making me happy. We were talking about some of the events we thought would be fun and it was like something we both decided on to go to do some travel. But the amazing part was that both of us wanted to go to Ireland and we also both wanted to learn to be good at horseback riding so we got to looking around and found some trips that might work. The thing is, there isn’t much I know about horses. I mean, I think they are exciting although I have never really been around them. The option to ride them is something I have wanted to try but hadn’t had the chance to do and that is why I think it would be something I should do with another person. Of course, we might want to figure out exactly how we are going to do this. As we were checking online we found a site that offers adventures which seem to be just what we were looking to try. As far as animals go I am very familiar with the typical pets that people have, but like I said, these Clydesdales are a subject that I don’t know much about.

We were thinking of some other things that would be cool to do while we were there but we couldn’t agree so I think we are just going to have to see if there are any places we like that are close to where we will be situated. Going around and seeing difference spots is something I Have enjoyed doing when I go places so I’m thinking that if we go for this it will be another thing I can do. I’m sure my friend will be interested in going with, too, because my friend has been talking about some of the things you can do there and this will provide a way to do it all.

There are probably going to be a lot of people that are on this journey but I think that you should expect that because it’s probably not realistic to have a private type of tour, at least not without having to do a lot more to set it up. So fortunately I will know my friend and then that will give me someone to talk to. Most likely we are going to be amusing ourselves with inside jokes and the other people will be staring at us like we are bizarre. Luckily I don’t care what people say.