Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list?  I had never even heard of the term myself until that movie came out a few years ago with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  It kind of made me think that maybe I spend too much time planning and not enough time actually enjoying the experience of living.  Most of my professional life (since university) has been spent doing and planning.  I work and make money, but save most of it so I have enough for the future.  In university, even, everything was done under the goal of future success.

Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had a vacation?  I don’t even feel like I can take a vacation because that would mean less time that I can spend working toward my financial goals for the future.  You don’t know how much money you need for the future because you never know what you’re going to need, but you still have to work toward that unknown goal just in case.  And in the meantime, you might be missing out.

Is it better to live life when you’re young and healthy and can enjoy it, or is it better to wait until you’re older and can comfortably afford it, but can’t enjoy it as much?

I used to be so sure that it was better to wait until you can afford it comfortably, but now I’m not so sure.  As I enter middle age I can’t help but think of opportunities that I may have missed because I was too busy preparing.

I have a bucket list but I haven’t done anything on it because I’m too concerned with not spending money.

I want to go to France.  Every time I see a picture of France I think it looks so beautiful.  I watch House Hunters International and I love the episodes that take place in Paris or some other French city.  I daydream.

I want to learn to surf.  I remember seeing some people surfing when I was a child and on the beach in California when I was visiting some family out there, and it always looked so awesome, but since I didn’t live there I never really had the opportunity.  I want to go to a Costa Rica surf resort and not do anything other than learn to ride the waves and relax and take in the whole scene.  Why haven’t I done this yet?

I want to learn to sing.  I always sing in my car, but I don’t really know how to sing.  I want to get formal coaching.  I haven’t done this yet because I’m very self-conscious about my singing voice and was always afraid to sing in front of someone else (even if that person was a teacher).

Why am I waiting to do these things?