Online Music And Other Stuff

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I enjoy going online.  I don’t know about most people, but I have a lot of online friends that I have met through various social platforms and I know that some people might think that’s weird, but I think that a lot of other people have experienced that for themselves.  Now, most of that is restricted to forums.  I don’t have anyone on my Facebook page for example that I don’t know in real life.  But when it comes to going online I have a lot of friends and bragging about that kind of makes me sound like a nerd.  But I don’t care.

The internet is incredibly social. Even people who might not want to go out and hang out one night can still find people to talk to about stuff online.  I think that’s why everyone seems to like it so  much.  Well, the fact that you can find whatever you want online probably also helps, but much of the net I think is used for people to communicate with each other about a variety of topics.  And then there are places like the different Facebook type sites where you can talk about nothing tat all.  I mean it’s basically like talking to someone in real life where a lot of it is just small talk, anyway.  And I think that’s fun.  I use Facebook quite often.  I don’t play any of the things they have on there, but did you know you can buy Facebook likes?  I have never done that as I get a lot of likes naturally because most of  my friends like what I post, but if you wanted to the option is there.  That seems kind of strange to me, although I guess I can see why there would be a market for that.

The other thing I like about going online is that I can find a lot of music on YouTube.  If you want to hear a song but you don’t want to get the album, you can just go load the official music video on YouTube and hear it.  I think that’s quite cool and I listen to a lot of music there.  The only other thing that i use the internet for is getting things that I can’t find in the stores, but I think that’s pretty common, too.  I have many things that I Have ordered online because they didn’t see them around here and I only knew where to find them on some website.