Look at this

From the time I got my car it has been great but I have been noticing some problems with it that I might want to get checked out. I know there have been some things that I have noticed that I think are supposed to be there however it has started doing something recently and… Continue reading Look at this

A cool place

Looking at some of the plans we have made it seems like we have been doing a lot of stuff.  One of the places I Have been wanting to go is a ski resort where I can really get in a lot of skiing.  There are a few places like that I would like to… Continue reading A cool place

Complete Internet

It seems there are quite a few websites out there that let you set up your vacation plans all from a single site.  You can find the hotel where you want to stay, your car, and everything else all from the same page.  That seems pretty useful, I think, and I know of a few… Continue reading Complete Internet

A Little Overtraining

Man having joint pain sucks.  I’m not sure what is going on but my knee has been hurting for a while.  It started the other day when I got back from a run and I noticed that it was feeling a bit sore when I would walk on it.  It doesn’t hurt when I was… Continue reading A Little Overtraining

Kung Fu Studies

For a while now I’ve been studying various forms of martial arts. My first style was kung fu back when I was a kid. There was a class nearby that I used to go to and we learned all the basics which are stances, the proper way to punch and kick, etc. I think though… Continue reading Kung Fu Studies

Making Better Choices

As you may have read in another post on my blog, I’ve been trying to make wiser financial decisions recently.  When I was younger it was one thing to spend most of my money and just have fun, but that’s not the best long-term strategy.  I’ve recently become more interested in investing and finding ways… Continue reading Making Better Choices

Remember These?

So, this week marks the tenth anniversary of my entry into the world of working on construction equipment. I had no idea what I really wanted to do with my life after high school. A good friend of the family had been a mechanic at a local construction equipment rental place for years, and he… Continue reading Remember These?

A Cleaning Secret

My sister called me a packrat this morning.  Can you believe that?  My sister.  The woman who uses her 3rd bedroom as a big closet!  She told me I have too much stuff and it’s affecting the “flow” of my home.  What does that even mean?  My house flows just fine! In all seriousness, she… Continue reading A Cleaning Secret

Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list?  I had never even heard of the term myself until that movie came out a few years ago with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  It kind of made me think that maybe I spend too much time planning and not enough time actually enjoying the experience of living.  Most… Continue reading Bucket List