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Look at this


From the time I got my car it has been great but I have been noticing some problems with it that I might want to get checked out. I know there have been some things that I have noticed that

Eye Color


The other day at work we were talking about what people do to make themselves look individual. What I mean is, a lot of people try to do something that makes them look unlike their coworkers. Or it doesn’t even

Many Hats


I seem to know a number of people who are looking for a new job. I was kind of thinking about doing that too but it’s something like I am actually kind of excited by my job so I am

Data options


There are a few things that I don’t really like about having to find a provider for going online. However I was looking to see if I could find anything better than what I was currently using and I think

A cool place

Looking at some of the plans we have made it seems like we have been doing a lot of stuff.  One of the places I Have been wanting to go is a ski resort where I can really get in

A New Idea


Just thinking about some of the conversations I have had with my friend is making me happy. We were talking about some of the events we thought would be fun and it was like something we both decided on to

Complete Internet


It seems there are quite a few websites out there that let you set up your vacation plans all from a single site.  You can find the hotel where you want to stay, your car, and everything else all from

Going Wireless

a and b

So I need to get some wireless internet.  We are using a wired router that works really well, but it’s wired, so, yeah.  That means I can’t grab my laptop and go into the other room because I have no

Something A Little Bit More Stylish


I am trying to learn more about how to decorate my home so that it looks a bit more modern.  There are a bunch of shows on television that I watch where they show like before and after home styles

Online Music And Other Stuff

laptop music speaker

I enjoy going online.  I don’t know about most people, but I have a lot of online friends that I have met through various social platforms and I know that some people might think that’s weird, but I think that