Eye Color


The other day at work we were talking about what people do to make themselves look individual. What I mean is, a lot of people try to do something that makes them look unlike their coworkers. Or it doesn’t even apply to coworkers, but maybe like their peers. So you’ve got people who are all doing the same thing s and then there are other people who are trying to make themselves stand out. Look creative.

Why are they doing this? Well of course it’s because people want to be seen as different. Most people of course try to do things that they know are wonderful and that other people will enjoy, but then you have the individual people who want to do something different.

The topic was contact lenses. You can get them to modify the appearance of your eyes. We were looking at colored contacts online to see what was available and it turns out that you can get a variety of styles at scleraxl.com that will change the color of those windows to the soul. So we were talking about what color we would make our eyes if we could and I was pretty sure that someone said purple and I didn’t really know that people did that. I mean, purple. They said it. So, I guess that person is going to go for some that are that color. But for me, I would probably do something like get a fashionable pair of shoes but I don’t think I would do anything as drastic as change the color of my eyes. I don’t know what would be the result. I think that people might wonder if I was just trying to be insane or if they actually thought that I was doing it to be really artistic. But if I were to do that I would be really feeling unusual because that isn’t something that I Would probably attempt. The other thing I might do though is get a necklace or something. That can be a way to add to you outfit without doing anything too weird. I mean, there are strange necklaces of course but you might be able to find one that works with what you’re looking at and it would probably just be something that other people notice and like. So that’s about the limit of my fashion attempts but I don’t even know if I”m going to do that because I am pretty basic when it comes to fashion.